The Unique BGN Service

Beyond Grey Nomads is a personal, personalised service for those who need assistance to travel

  • up to 12 hours a day of dedicated assistance
  • suitable for individuals, couples and small groups of friends
  • no rushed, pre-determined group travelling with strangers
  • Donrita can help you with:
    • dreaming up and planning your holiday
    • the booking process for transport, accommodation, car hire and activities
    • carrying, lifting, loading luggage, walking frames, etc.
    • getting you from your home to the airport, station, wharf – wherever you need to go
    • boarding flights, trains, cruises
    • chauffeuring your hired car or motorhome – or your own car (and caravan) or motorhome – or Donrita’s car if suitable
    • taking photos of you on your holiday to help preserve those memories
    • cooking and washing up if in self-catering holiday accommodation
    • being a companion along the way
  • travel on your own terms with your own personalised holiday plans
  • change your plans for the day at a whim – it’s just like having your own daughter along to accommodate your day-to-day activities
  • decide yourself when to stop along the way, how long to stay at each spot, what to see and do each day when you get to your destination – it’s purely up to YOU each day!
  • Please note that Beyond Grey Nomads is NOT a carer service.  If you need assistance with administering medication, being lifted, bathing or other “carer” functions, you will also need to bring along and pay the costs for a separate carer, provided by yourself.

How does it work?

  1. Contact Beyond Grey Nomads
  2. Download and complete and return the Beyond Grey Nomads PDF Questionnaire
  3. Beyond Grey Nomads will reply to you to arrange a mutually convenient time to dream about and plan your trip
  4. Negotiate a travel time with Beyond Grey Nomads
  5. Pay 10% non-refundable Beyond Grey Nomads service fee
  6. Beyond Grey Nomads will confirm your travel arrangements with you and, if necessary, assist you with making bookings and payments directly to the travel providers (this includes all the Beyond Grey Nomads travel, accommodation and associated costs for the “extra person” you will be taking with you)
  7. Remember to take out the usual travel insurance
  8. Enjoy your trip with the personalised assistance of your “hired daughter”!

How much does it cost?

You will need to pay the travel, accommodation and associated costs for your Beyond Grey Nomads travelling companion (conscierge), as well as a daily $300 fee for up to 12 hours daily personalised services.  10% of the service fee is to be paid upon initial booking and is non-refundable.  A further 40% will be paid one month before departure and the balance is to be fully paid one week before departure.  We strongly recommend you arrange travel insurance in the usual way.