Travel with a daughter!

I’m so pleased to be finally putting up my first blog post on Beyond Grey Nomads.

You will notice the nice couple in many of my images.  These are my parents, Jan and Kitty Cosse, who are the inspiration for Beyond Grey Nomads.  In mid 2017 we were travelling in Cairns, Australia and it suddenly occurred to me that Mum and Dad might not be the only seniors who might benefit from my personal touch.  At the time I was employed full time and so it remained a “bright idea” in the back of my head…until March 2018 when I was very suddenly made redundant and – brilliant – work at setting up the new business was able to begin.  My previous employer had given me a generous 7-month payout and so I set myself a goal to have Beyond Grey Nomads up and running within 7 months.  Mission accomplished!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton